10,000 Ghosts Haunting the Bitcoin Blockchain. Creating Beautiful Art, Building dApps, tools, and other utilities to strengthen the emerging Bitcoin ecosystem

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What are Bitcoin Ghosts?

Bitcoin Ghosts are a deflationary collection of 10,000 pixel ghosts launched on the Stacks Blockchain via the Gamma marketplace. At the core, we are a DAO created for the purpose of building the next generation of Web3 on the Stacks and Bitcoin blockchains. Our mission is to create a community focused around beautiful art and a strong suite of tools that can be widely used. 


As one of the early projects on Stacks and Bitcoin, the Ghost DAO will be delivering a steady stream of art and tools to provide value to our holders, as well as compete with other NFT ecosystems. They may have a head start, but Web3 on Bitcoin will grow rapidly.

Bitcoin Ghosts are seizing this opportunity to create a community and deliver value to our holders. We have launched the OG collection “Bitcoin Ghosts” on STX (via Gamma).

This is a deflationary collection, meaning these will be used as tokens for future utility. This includes burning your ghost for a 1/1 Art piece, a Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription, etc. 

  • 01

    Mint out Bitcoin Ghosts (STX)

  • 02

    Develop Ordinal Ghosts

  • 03

    Create 1/1 Collection

  • 04

    Build NFT and Web3 Based Tools

Ghosts are Taking over bitcoin


Phase 01

February 2023

Launch Bitcoin Ghosts

Begin building the commnity with the OG Bitcoin Ghost Mint on Gamma marketpalce.

Phase 02

March 2023

Develop Ordinal Ghosts

Develop a system to burn 25 amount of Bitcoin Ghosts and inscribe them onto the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Phase 03

April 2023

1/1 Ghost Art Collection

Develop 1/1 high quality designs for the community through. Another deflationary mechanism that burns Bitcoin Ghosts to receive a beautiful 1/1 piece of art.

Phase 04

May 2023

Building NFT Tools

While Ordinals and 1/1 pieces are being created, we are working in the background to create fun and useful NFT based tools for Bitcoin's ecosystem. These can include staking platforms, raffles, free P2P trading escrow system, art upgrade platforms, NFT analytics platform, and more.

Phase 05

June 2023

Launch $GHST Token

$GHST will be the utility token for the Bitcoin Ghost DAO's suite of tools. Bitcoin Ghosts will generate $GHST through staking.

Phase 06

July 2023

DAO Assembly

DAO funds will be used for reining in the new era of Web3. Once all the tools, art and token are released, we will assemble the DAO to begin operations. Investing, incubating and building out other NFT projects, tools and support for the ecosystem are a top priority.

Phase 07

August 2023


More tools and utilities will be announced as time goes on.

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